discipline involved in too many things

The project was built on the outskirts of green and original junction in France and Switzerland. The venue is a new ensemble of housing and public buildings. The building along the east-west direction of stretching, in order to reduce the depth of the north-south direction, and to increase the sunlight. On the other hand, the north side of the building and is not connected to the outside world, its services units isolated as a thermal buffer space. Building nailed to the ground in this manner to provide the minimum wind resistance. This configuration allows a moderate integrated into the scene, and to reduce the importance of the foundation of the building and infrastructure. The Sao Roque housing based on two constraints: take full advantage of the the southern average 20% slope, built a monolayer residential. Yard, flooring, and water should be located in the same horizontal plane. 20 cm high, each four meters long cantilever structure with an interval of 12 meters of the two pillars of support in the center with a 90-centimeter-high beams, then gradually reduced to the ends beyond the pillars. There are five functional areas of the residential distribution in a horizontal structure, from east to west: including bedroom and TV room; pipeline bathroom area; living and dining room; pool and balcony; kitchen and picnic area, which is characterized by a very long counter. Contains a pantry, warehouse, swimming pool equipment room, laundry room and sauna in the western end of the head. . For a comprehensive discipline involved in too many things, we must have outstanding advanced achievements and learn from other disciplines, but also the evolution and development of the degree of factoring large disciplines branch disciplines. The meaning of the interior design is based on the nature of the use of the building, the environment and the corresponding standard, the use of the material and technical means and artistic aesthetic principles to create a rational function, comfortable and beautiful the the fixed space environment need to meet the people's material and spiritual life. This space environment, it is necessary to have a value in use, to meet the functional requirements for owners, but also reflects the historical heritage, architectural style, family atmosphere and mood factors. Successful packaging design depends mainly on two aspects: the ability to accurately convey the information of goods, followed by the ability to disseminate information is very lively, vivid art aesthetic principle, reasonable out pass information to cause consumers to meet in the mental . Mutual comparison of these two disciplines disciplines extending direction of view they are unified is not in contradiction. Packaging awareness of its rapid battle in the design of the front-line combination of the successful example of the packaging design, packaging design awareness education to guide the direction of interior design awareness, not only can, but can accommodate close ties to the disciplines of the brothers, this is a good can not no matter how good things!