new cover should keep away from direct sunlight

4. Using cotton include: When you save, it should be placed in the cotton covering. The correct breathing capacity is crucial, because it will give long life bedding cover. 6. Turning: balanced wear and maximize comfort to your futon cover end-to-end and rotate every month. Futon cover to provide customers with a unique opportunity to change his room decorated changed the bedding cover. Also beneficial in a grand way to get customers to at least peep into the futon cover shop repeat customers. Proper care and cleaning, life greatly extend the beautiful futon cover to protect your valuable transactions. Decorative bedding cover, but it is also very important to protect mattresses and furniture dirt and leakage. Bedding cover a wide range of prices, a variety of colors and styles. Futon cover is by some unique home accessories industry and the highest production of upholstery fabrics. 2. Do not use: saddle soap, oil, cleaners, furniture polish, varnish or ammonia-based products should not be used for a futon cover. Reserved bedding cover in the tanning process, no maintenance than simple cleaning is recommended 1. Monthly cleaning: the cover should be at least once a month washing sponge liquid Ivory soap and clear warm water and a mild solution. The solution should be applied to a clean wet sponge and cover should be washed and rinsed. Then, it should towel dry. Bedding are mainly exported to the United States, your extraordinary shopping experience features, such as high-quality, trust, honesty, customer value and guarantee the lowest prices on the Internet - in the quiver of arrows. To read more just to knock us ... 3. "The Sun" may be harmful: new cover should keep away from direct sunlight. The sun can dry, the cover may fade, just as the influence of the sun on our skin. 5. No oil or chemicals: holding the the bedding covered harsh chemicals. Hair spray, perfume, and may contain bedding cover the life of alcohol and / or other chemicals are harmful. . 7. Fluff fluff the cover, so that the fibers of the air, the uniform sitting, lying on the peaks and valleys. Fluffing improve the comfort and flexibility of the product. How to care for your futon cover?