Office Design refurbishing

I didn't think so! Whether it's new construction or remodeling, once you have committed to your objectives in writing, prioritize them into must-haves, really-wants, and hope-fors. In the enthusiasm of creating a new future for your practice, don't lose sight of the written goals. Although an office should be a comfortable place to enjoy one's work, it ultimately must serve as a profit center. The military estimates that as much as 60 percent of a structure's cost results from long-term maintenance - not the original construction costs. That's amazing! Your plan must include ease of maintenance. An office is not a monument, art project, or the world's greatest real estate investment. Creative marketing agencies that look to move to new offices or refurbishing their old ones should do so in style. After all they are usually in marketing and looking good plays a big part. Creative agencies should look for an office design company to give them an office that becomes more than just a place of work. Office Design 寫字樓設計 Shop Design I use the Western school (Black Hat Sect) of Feng Shui, which uses a tool called a Bagua Board to help with the layout of a space. Bagua is a Chinese word that translated means an "8-sided figure" or octagon shaped. This figure is then divided into segments, like a pie, with a center piece-giving you nine areas. Think of a tic-tac-toe board. These nine areas are then assigned names, colors, shapes and an element that corresponds to an assigned life area.The Bagua board can be used to space plan, accessorize and plan your color scheme. Sometimes, it is not the business model holding you back; it's the design of your office space. Businesses that greet clients in their offices need to be sensitive to their image when a client walks through the front door. Office design plans should be reviewed even more often than business plans to assure that you aren't giving a dated and unprofessional appearance to prospective clients.