smart automated homes and offices

If you will have a look at Kitchen showroom in US then you will find that the fitted designs are very popular. Large number of kitchen interior designer indeed has the interest in these modern designs. Majority of kitchens are full of modern facilities these days. If you will look at the modern chimneys then you might find that there has been drop in its usage during the last few years. Interior design in India, is now well in sync with the global trends like simple straight line designs, Italian design concepts, green ecofriendly design, smart automated homes and offices that invite transparency in design. The international style of interior design continues to be minimalist, clean, clear, sophisticated and soothing. Space and light continue to dominate the ambience. The trend that is emerging now is to camouflage an eclectic element with this clean, bold look. In terms of colour, the same trend of vivid colour thrown over a predominantly light background colour scheme continues, but in a sophisticated manner. Move over you now witness more awareness on CO2 monitoring by the use of eco friendly paints, CRI rated carpets, solar energy, use of leds and cfls, sensors in water sources, etc. A great interior design tip is to include different patterns and/or textures into whatever room you are designing. Patterns and textures engage the eye and provide an excellent complement for a smooth surface like glass or wood. In order to get a contemporary style, you will definitely want to focus on patterns and textures. Looking forward at the modern kitchen design, the designers want the kitchen to be spacey but on most of the circumstances, you will certainly find that the number of cabinet is increasing day by day. Modern kitchen design is becoming popular without any doubt.This is because the people have started using the microwave a lot. Similarly, you will also find that the use of the induction gas has also increased and people are decreasing the use of the LPG as well. However, these likings have changed the thinking of the interior designers completely and now they are concentrating on lighting as well as the proper use of the cabinet.When you are starting your first home decorating project, it can be very overwhelming. Although there is a lot that goes into it, having a plan can make things easier. Read the following article and you will have the information you need to be successful in interior design.