Stone unique mosaic effect the performance

The color variety achievements visual feast    Category: Mosaic color is rich, not limited to light blue, green, brilliant yellow, soft pink, red and other bright colors, gray, beige, black, elegant and plain colors are also very necessary, it can be with a mosaic of color play a crucial role.   Type: common mosaic Material: ceramic, glass, stone and metal mosaic, through modern technology to create mosaic texture with innovation, showing a gold, shell, coconut shell, bamboo, wood mosaic ceramic mosaic with the use of glass mosaic the most common ceramic mosaic made ​​of spray glaze after firing, never fade; the glass mosaic acid, corrosion-resistant, has zero water absorption absolute advantage in the most appropriate decorative bath floor price of room space, the defect is wear-resistant poor. Other material the use of mosaic is not common, but the same can be lucrative space expression. The rich natural color space can choose shell mosaic; distribution "Zen" means the space available bamboo mosaic decorate. . From the ancient to the modern, mosaic from time to time has a different period of tasks and significance, it is rich material, color range and compact specifications, collage random pattern personality can exhibit designers begged the irregular-shaped, spherical, curved, the effect of the wave surface, mosaic so the charm, who can resist it?   Decorative effect: the surface color glazed, ceramic mosaic allows rich layering of space; glass mosaic crystal clear, so that the space is even more transparent; the metal mosaic surface with a metallic sheen and texture space alternative experience; while Stone unique mosaic effect the performance of the stone, you can create a rustic atmosphere. Mosaic of different materials can suspend harmony with the space-based.