Compared with ordinary tiles

There are some special uses, so mosaic presents a 200 mm × 15 mm long Overall, this mosaic is mainly used to make walls waistline, In addition, there are round, diamond, bone-like, triangular hexagon mosaics for the decoration of the space to bring more possible. The thickness of the mosaic ordinary 4-6 mm. . Decorative effect: the mosaic of colors can be divided into a solid color, with a variety of the same color, mixed color, metal color. Same color mosaic shades prance or transition may suspend space partial decorate; mutations, contrast and decorative effect to be completed after large areas of solid color or metallic color blocks, this is a large area Shicai impossible to render the color relationship, for example, abort mixed paste, green-based color configuration 30% accounted for 50% of the proportion of the two light green mosaic, dark green mosaic, plus 20% of tartrazine as decorating, will have a refreshing feel visually; blending the mix can create a bright and lively atmosphere. Specifications compact sway design passion     Category: Mosaic specifications 20 mm x20 mm, 25 mm x25 mm, 50 mm x50 mm the usual on demand and a 10 mm x 10 mm, this small size is mainly used to fight the frescoes and special pattern, the above specifications mosaic in the market "associated" units abort betrayed Alliance is a single piece of mosaic tiling by a certain number of units on paper by applicable.    Decorative effects: Compared with ordinary tiles, mosaic features compact specifications, can accomplish many of the other tiles can not be completed decorative effect, such as collage, cambered, cylindrical, surface paving, not demand with the shaped processing complex The technology can be easily completed. Minimum the mattress top ten brand decoration materials, Mosaic often arouse designers special inspiration sparks. Fragments of colored stickers on the wall, floor, frame, armrest chair, on the edge of the table to draw a pattern, collage excellent block, we see that it inadvertently, wizard-like flash.